Hawk’s Landing Country Club Rules

These rules and regulations are for the purpose of providing an enjoyable golf experience for all golfers at Hawk’s Landing Country Club. It is expected that all golfers, members and guests, shall be subject to and abide by the following rules:

  1. U.S.G.A Rules of Golf will govern all play except when modified by local rules. The Golf Professional and the golf staff which determines the rules and regulations of all HLCC tournament events. Information regarding HLCC tournament events shall be provided in writing to all competitors.
  2. The Golf Professional Staff shall have full authority to regulate play on the golf course at all times.
  3. The Golf Course Superintendent, or in his absence, the Director of Golf, shall have full authority to restrict or prohibit play due to weather, course conditions or general maintenance.
  4. Slow play is inexcusable. It is expected that a round of golf shall not exceed 4 1/4  hours. If a complete hole is open ahead of a group, the course ranger or golf staff will ask the group to exercise one of the following options: (1) close the gap and maintain that position, (2) step aside and let the faster groups play through before resuming play, (3) skip the next tee shot, move forward, tee up and begin play at the 150 yard marker and maintain this position. If a group is unable to keep up with the normal pace of play, they will be asked to leave the golf course and any fees collected will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.
  5. Practice will be limited to designated areas only. A player may not play more than one ball to a green unless it is defined in a tournament as a mulligan hole.
  6. All players, members and guests must check-in and register in the golf shop before beginning play. Each player’s name must appear on the daily play record.
  7. All play must commence from the #1 tee unless otherwise authorized by the Golf Manager or staff. Starting on a hole other than #1 does not guarantee the right to immediately begin on the first tee at the turn. Players who stop at the snack bar may forfeit their position on #10 tee if there is a delay.
  8. Each person playing golf shall be equipped with a set of golf clubs and dressed in acceptable golf attire. Acceptable attire will include: a collared shirt with sleeves, long pants and bermuda length shorts. Women may wear acceptable length shorts, slacks, skirts and capris. Unacceptable attire shall include, but is not limited to: tee shirts, swim suits, sweat shirts, running shorts, gym shorts, cut of pants, tank tops and halter tops. Each golfer must wear soft spikes or soft-soled athletic shoes.
  9. Starting times are required for all players. Tee times may be reserved not more than 7 days in advance (10 days for members). Golf shop personnel reserve the right to pair up singles and twosomes. Golfers who arrive late for their assigned tee time will be given the next available time.
  10. For safety purposes and the general consideration of all golfers, children will not be allowed on the golf course, unless they are playing golf.
  11. A Course Ranger shall be utilized, as needed, to expedite play, to enforce golf etiquette and general golf rules and regulations. It is the obligation of each golfer to comply with these directions.
  12. Golfers participating in club handicap events must have a U.S.G.A. handicap. The maximum handicap allowed in such an event will be 36 for men and 40 for women. Some events may, according to U.S.G.A., require a reduction of handicap. The Professional Staff has the right to adjust handicaps for the purpose of equity.
  13. Management approved golf tournaments and scheduled club events have priority over all other play on the golf course.
  14. Only alcoholic beverages provided and sold by the Hawk’s Landing are allowed on the golf course. NO PERSONAL COOLERS WILL BE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME!




  1. Golf carts are provided for the convenience of those persons registered to play golf. An infant is never allowed in a golf cart or on the golf course. Non-playing children are not allowed on the golf course. To drive a golf cart, a person must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
  2. The 90 degree cart rule shall be in force at all times (unless specified otherwise) when carts are allowed to drive off the cart paths. Golfers who are physically handicapped may be granted permission to use a special flag that allows him/ her to use the 90 degree cart rule at times when carts are required to remain on the cart path.
    • The 90 degree rule requires the golfer to remain on the cart path until opposite the golf ball, then drive from the cart path at a 90 degree angle to his/ her ball and return immediately to the cart path after playing the shot. Carts must remain on the cart path on all par three holes and around all tees and greens.
    • Physically handicapped individuals must use the 90 degree rule and their carts should remain on the cart paths on all par three holes and around all tees and greens whenever possible. During the play of par four and par five holes that are roped off, the handicapped individual may lift the rope and play the hole using the 90 degree rule.
    • For safety purposes and to avoid damaging the golf cart, under normal play conditions, no more than two individuals shall ride on a golf cart. Players hitching a ride are subject to an established cart fee.
  3. Golfers using HLCC golf carts are responsible for any damages to the cart while it is in their use and will be required to pay for such damages.
  4. Failure to observe and obey cart rules and regulations may result in the forfeiture of their use.