Golf Academy


Hawk’s Landing Country Club has been a leader in introducing youth to golf in Connecticut. In 2017, we are continuing the process of developing golfers, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to enjoy golf to it’s fullest for whatever skill level they would like it to lead … recreational, social or serious.

The price for each session is $225.00, which includes a kids lunch from the Club 19 Restaurant.  *Each child will receive a personalized video swing lesson from PGA Professional James Giampaolo.

Click below to print a sign-up form:

Player registration form

Week 1: July 3rd – July 6th
Week 2: July 10th – July 13th
Week 3: July 17th – July 20th
Week 4: July 24th – July 27th

Monday – Thursday

The PGA of America and it’s vast network of resources, combined with our own successes have caused us to take a new approach and add what we are hoping to be a very successful Junior Program.
The new program will help juniors to learn golf, but enjoy the process.


The Hawk’s Landing Golf Academy will focus on the following :

  • Golf Skills
  • Sportsmanship, Etiquette and Rules
  • Golf Course and ‘Near Golf’ Experiences
  • Assessments – How am I doing?
  • Fitness for Golf (and sport in general)

Each of the above areas will be addressed in each of our programs at age and skill appropriate levels. Each player will have an assessment (optional) to give them the direction necessary to know where to improve.
In addition to the information that is provided to the kids, there will be a parent resource to help parents better understand the motivation behind our programs and to help parents be in the best position for the development of their golfer.

Thank you for helping us continue to grow this great game of golf! It is truly a game for life.